Saturday, October 31, 2009

10 kostum yang amat mahal, menarik, unik, dan menajubkan (halloween's day)

10 insanely expensive, supremely awesome tech costumes

For many of us, Halloween is a chance to put on some zombie makeup, drink a bunch of beer and eat some candy. But for some people, it's a chance to make their most wild fantasies come true, in costume form, no matter what the cost in time or money. And those people come up with the most insane and kick-ass costumes ever. Let's see some of the best.

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10. Bumblebee

This incredible Bumblebee Transformer costume wasn't made for Halloween; it was actually made for this year's Wondercon. But hell, I bet it could rake in some serious candy anyways.


9. Segway Zoltar

This amazing Zoltar costume, based on the fortune-telling machine from the movie Big is built on a Segway, allowing creator Jonathan Gleich to scoot around with ease.


8. Mini Mega Man

Dad Kevin made this absolutely awesome Mega Man costume for his son, and its light up blaster makes me want to run to an old NES and take on Dr. Wily all over again.

7. Giant Working iPhones

You know you're going all-out on your Halloween costume when you've got an LCD TV hooked up to a car battery strapped to your chest. But that's just what Reko and John did to make these amazing iPhone costumes.


6. Huge Robot

Kevin Kelm's giant robot costume is absolutely epic, taking him months to build. It's enough to make anyone else give up on putting effort into their costume, knowing it'll never live up to this.


5. Baby UFO

Is there anything more adorable than a baby dressed up in an alien in a stroller made to look like a UFO? No, the answer is no.


4. Trinity Robot

Here's one for those of you too lazy to make your own costume: the Trinity, an 8-foot-tall robot costume that can be yours for a mere $7,350. And you can just tell people you made it. Your secret is safe with me.


3. Alien

Nothing's quite as scary as the alien from the Alien movies, so why not go trick or treating wearing a replica costume?


2. Functional Game Boy

This awesome Game Boy costume uses a laptop screen to make it perfectly functional. Yes, you can play the game using the buttons near that guy's crotch. Happy Halloween?

1. Dino Suit

This incredible dinosaur suit was used at the LA Museum of Natural History, but I don't see why it couldn't be re-appropriated for Halloween. Well, except for those tiny arms. You couldn't carry a candy bag with those puny things.

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