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22 Most Bizarre Things Created Using Hair

While an average Joe has a hundred and fifty thousand hairs on his scalp, have you ever thought about what happens to the locks of hair as soon as they have been chopped off?
Listed here is a collection of twenty-two of the strangest uses for hair that we could find:

1. Chair Made From Hair


Human hair is actually stronger and much more robust when compared with all-pervasive fiberglass, hence it was just dependent on time before the material found its way directly into practical consumer items, home furniture and so on. Ronald Thompson, who used to be a hair stylist, has created an environmentally friendly material using hair clippings which could ultimately substitute products which contain considerable amounts of fiberglass, that carries a large environmental footprint. He could be presently creating an array of chairs utilizing his brand new material after getting involved in collecting over ten thousand tons of waste hair in London.

2. Solar Panel Using Human Hair

hair solar panel thumb 22 Most Bizarre Things Created Using Hair
A brand new kind of solar cell making use of human hair might supply the planet with inexpensive, eco-friendly electrical power, if all of us are too believe its teen creator.
Milan Karki aged Eighteen, whom comes from a town in rural Nepal, is convinced he has discovered the answer to the developing nations electricity requirements.
The adolescent inventor claims human hair is simple to use as an electricity conductor in solar power panels and may revolutionize renewable power.
Melanin, a pigment which gives hair its shade can also act as a kind of conductor. Due to the fact that human hair is far less expensive compared to silicon the solar panel is a lot cheaper.

3. Pirate Ship Made Out of Hair

pirate ship hair thumb 22 Most Bizarre Things Created Using Hair
Suté is said to have been a dwarf who turned into a murderous pirate, who prowled the oceans searching for boats to plunder, but one day his crew turned on him and left him on an uninhabited tropical isle. His single claim to infamy was that he used his thick hair to produce himself a small 3 foot long pirate vessel, and after that endured a 3 week journey back to civilization, in the course of that time he was hounded at each and every turn by ocean birds trying to tear apart the tiny vessel so they could use it as nesting supplies.
Artist Carlos Dimas remade Suté’s vessel from the identical supplies, provided by his regular job at “Hair by Carlos” hair dressers in Fort Myers. “The bottom (of the vessel) is cable in order to provide it some overall flexibility. The remaining is simply human hair that is glued and sprayed with hair pins, again and again.” Carlos was encouraged to construct this when a documentary creator requested him to “create some thing imaginative.”

4. Tiananmen Square Created Using Hair

Tiananmen Square Created Using Hair
I have seen a few fairly remarkable models through the years, such as a wooden helicopter, a matchstick model of LOTR Minas Tirith or even a tooth-pick town, yet certainly not something produced from human hair. Yet, they say there is a 1st time for every thing, so today I happened to come over a few photographs of well-known Chinese structures created completely from human hair.
Huang Xin, a teen Chinese hair stylist needed to commemorate the 60th anniversary for the PRC (China) in a very different way and utilized his expertise to make it happen. Making use of thrown away human hair, largely from ladies, he invested almost a whole year producing several very impressive designs of Tiananmen Square.

5. Soy Sauce

In late 2003, an alternatively manufactured soy sauce known as “Hongshuai Soy Sauce” appeared within mainland China. This soy sauce had been sold with the slogan “blended utilizing most recent bioengineering technology” which appeared on the bottle, hinting that that this soy sauce wasn’t created in a conventional approach utilizing soy and wheat. This Hongshuai Soy Sauce has been offered at a comparatively low price within Mainland China and so grew to become extremely popular among the local populace. Individuals found its flavor to be much like other brands. As a result of its low cost, numerous catering providers in educational facilities and also universities decided to make use of this new product.
A study encouraged by Television journalists then exposed the reason why that soy sauce was low-priced. It had been constructed using an amino acid paste (or syrup) purchased from a producer in the Hubei province
When inquiring about how this particular amino acid paste (or syrup) had been created, the producer responded that this powder had been created from human hair. Due to the fact that the human hair had been accumulated from beauty parlors, barber shops and private hospitals throughout the nation, it was highly unhygienic and was also combined with condoms, used medical cottons, old tampons, sanitary towels and also used syringes!
Next time when you’re shopping for soy sauce, make sure you go for the more expensive one!

6. Mats to Mop Up Oil Spills

This item requires about a 1lb of discarded locks to create a hair mat that is a 1ft square and half an inch deep, stated Lisa Craig Gautier, whom set up Matter of Trust together with her spouse, Patrice Olivier Gautier.
“Any mat of this measurement can soak up at least 900 millimeters of oil,” Gautier informed reporters when his product was first released, “this mat can end up being wrung out and utilized up to a Hundred instances — As long as there is absolutely no sand in the mat.”
That is great because every single Paul Mitchell School can easily provide as much as Five lbs of human hair each day, said a spokesperson for the brand.

7. House Built Using Hair

Miss Sunshine decided to replace cattle hair as an ingredient in an old lime mortar mix recipe with her own hair when she started to extend her thatched sixteenth century house. The new extension contains her own hair as part of the wall space but additionally the hair from the family pet dog.
Paula Sunshine, aged 42, has accumulated up her natural material from nearby hair dressers in addition to utilizing her own hair of her dogs. The specialist crafts woman and writer shows traditional construction processes to contractors, owners of aged houses and people enthusiastic about sure-fire construction techniques.

8. Baked Products Created Using Hair

Your bakery items could contain real hair and you’ll not even realize this. The human hair arrives in the physical version of L-Cysteine, which is an amino acid.
L-Cysteine is utilised in bakery factories as an alternative to natural reducing agents. You will find that L-Cysteine is found in bagels, cake donuts (dunking donut…etc), pita bread, certain cracker brands and also Melba toast.
An example of L-Cysteine being made from human hair was seen in the case of producers in China providing human hair-L-Cysteine to a soy sauce company. Many US bakers are known to purchase their baking supplies from mainland china in order to reduce costs.
Does your donut taste hairy this morning?

9. Dress Made From Hair

The creative design team from the Artidjana fashion house utilized 165ft of blonde human hair within this dress that was modeled in a fashion display within the capital Zagreb.
Model Simona Gotovac gob smacked the throngs of people when she made an appearance on the cat-walk donning the human hair gown.

10. Horse Hair Ring

This bizarre ring was found on (home of weird and wonderful homemade products), its made from horse hair and the ring is sterling silver. Not sure how practical this would be in the workplace. “Hey did you just stroke me?!” – ‘sorry it was just my horse hair ring’”

11. Wreath Made Using the Hair of 15 People

wreath human hair thumb 22 Most Bizarre Things Created Using Hair
This bizarre bouquet comprises of hair from fifteen different people, such as 2 men ( outlined along with their initials ) as well as 7 children ( detailed with just their first names, 3 of who are displayed as donating “puffs”; example, “Eddie. puffs 6″). All the locks are in several tones of dark brown aside from 1 tiny blossom in white. There’s no doubt that they’re almost all family and friends.

12. Obama Made From Hair

This Photo was taken on November 15, 2009 exhibits a hair stylist in Beijing who is creating a statue of the United States President Barack Obama using human hair. The statue uses 4 kgs of human hair and took seven days and evenings from the hair stylist, who made use of his special skills to welcome the US President.

13. Purse made out of hair

purse-hair closeup-hair-purse
The purse measures 2.5inches (this does not including the dangly bits ). It uses a beaded strap which is twenty inches total height and is sewn on to the ends on this purse. The “human hair” extends through the complete length of the main strap! When you look closely the beads are sewn around the top of the hair. On further examination, this purse would also have made an effective “weird” necklace.

14. Hair Bows created Using Human Hair

Numerous women attempted the singer’s legendary hair bow to various certifications of success. In addition, it’s well worth observing that Gaga’s hair experts (at least three stylists during the last few months have stated her as being a client) didn’t create this look, as some might believe.
The look was first demonstrated at the Valentino autumn couture exhibition in 2005, it then made an appearance on the fashion show – Project Runway (where it was ridiculed.)
Needless to say, as followers of Ms. Pac-Man and Minnie, all of us applaud Lady Gaga for ultimately making the bow something for individuals to imitate.

15. Hair Necklace

This strange necklace is created by the New York Designer – Bijules and costs $220. This necklace consists of actual colored human hair; this necklace includes a comb in addition to its own box.

16. A full Set of Clothes Made from Human Hair

A Romanian lady has created herself a complete wardrobe of clothes using her own hair.
Ioana Cioanca, aged 71, coming from the small town of Bistrita Nasaud, started growing her locks of hair from aged 16 until it turned out to be 40 in. long and then she was able to weave it.
Mrs Cioanca described that a number of her clothes tend to be lighter in coloration simply because they have been created in the pervious decade right after her hair started to turn gray.

17. Hat Made From Human Hair

This is one hell of a severe example of “hat hair”. Lady Gaga introduced one of her more extravagant styles up to now: a blonde sun crown created entirely using her own hair.

18. Bikini Made Out of Hair

bikini made of pet hair
VIP Fibers is one of a very few Internet companies who concentrate on hand-spinning your dog’s pelt in to “Fur-Ever Yarn.” All you’re going to have to do is clean your dog and post in the hair, after which you will be given yarn to crochet, knit, or weave whatever you need from a bikini to a scarf.

19. Earring Made Out of Hair

This Aussie jewelry designer makes use of sterling silver in partnership with genuine human hair as well as teeth to create earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets.

20. Cat Hair Handbag

The Kitty Groomer creates purses with the fur she cuts off from her clients – this is generally carried out during the duration of providing Persians the sought after Lion Cut. The groomer felts the pet hair plus creates “yarn” from it utilizing a loom. After the yarn is created, she knits handbags using it. These pet hair handbags sell for as much as $300.
One particular customer was delighted, and stated she would particularly delight in the handbag when her kitty was gone, due to the fact she’d have always a little part of Fluffy together with her.

21. Art Work Using Hair

The human hair that was used for this 80 ft by 20 ft art installation was accumulated over many months throughout 2006 from 42,000 haircuts of Dartmouth students, faculty, staff and local residents in Hanover.

22. Sweaters made from Dog Hair

This selection of sweaters are made from pet hair which is retrieved after cleaning and is then very carefully stored until it reaches the volume required to accomplish the knit framework.
The dog hair is spun in to wool balls of 50 grams by a professional and then it’s returned by way of mail, to its owner.


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